General practitioner Independent Financial Advisers are sometimes faced with a dilemma when a potential conflict of interest arises. The examples below show there is a solution:

Company Clients

When a company decides to discontinue the occupational pension scheme the adviser has several hats to wear. Adviser to the Company, to the trustees and to the pension scheme members.

Clarke Robinson can be appointed as adviser to the trustees of the scheme and if required to the company in respect of the scheme. Advice given will be independent and free of any potential conflicts of interest.

Pensions and Divorce

When pensions are more than simple policies it is difficult for an IFA to present an unbiased opinion. I know from experience that even when you are totally impartial you are viewed with suspicion by the Solicitors (even if the clients are completely happy). If the scheme is a SSAS and you haven’t been through this experience before then you must ask another Independent Adviser to look at this for you.

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