Welcome to Clarke Robinson & Company

We are an Independent Financial Adviser based in Portishead, Bristol.

Much of our work is translating pensions into plain English. Pensions are frequently the largest asset you have apart from your home so it is important to consider this in depth as part of your long term financial planning.

If you like the approach we take please get in touch. You will find that we do not try to sell you something to justify our existence, will not pester you with phone calls or emails and won’t pass your details on to anyone else.

This website is an introduction to some aspects of pension planning from a common sense point of view and it could also answer some of the simple questions you might have.

As an Independent Adviser we include other important aspects of planning but most people come to us because they have a pensions issue that no one else has been able to help them with.

If you would like to try a different approach or want a brief chat to see how something may be resolved please call:

Steve Robinson

01275 844 844


SCAM WARNING: If you want to protect yourself against scams it is worth noting that we only deal with people local to our office in Portishead and who can meet us face to face.  We do not deal over the telephone, internet, email or using any form of website service or portal