Fixed Fee

Fixed Fee Interview

One hour meeting in the office to discuss any aspect of pensions and this might include:

Talking about a particular problem and where to go for help (what Citizens advice could do for you if they dealt with people in business and had 30 years experience of pensions)

Help completing or understanding complex forms

2nd Opinion on something you are considering

Review of an existing policy or pension scheme

Help deciding which option to choose when making your mind up

Comparison of open market annuity options

Registering a Pension Scheme online with HMRC

and so on

Charge £125 (no VAT) for the first hour

Ring 01275 844 844 for an appointment and bring all your paperwork with you.

Steve Robinson

If you would like to try a different approach or want a brief chat to see how something may be resolved please call:

Steve Robinson

01275 844 844