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Until recently hardly a day seemed to go by without pensions being on the front page and bad news sells so you only see the worst stories.

Instead of dismissing pensions because of the bad news take a closer look at the stories to see if they affect you.

You will see the stories are nearly all about deficits or failures of big employer sponsored company schemes. The big companies will in time address these problems. They have a legal obligation to make up the shortfall.

If you do not have a pension with one of these schemes it has no effect on you. If you’re not sure or want some guidance or reassurance get in touch.

Did you know:

If you were born after 5th April 1959 then retirement age is no longer 65 but will have gone up a bit. Checkout the DWP link on our Useful Links for the exact date.

Women born after 5th April 1950 also no longer retire at age 60.

Are you getting the best deal on your pension?