About Clarke Robinson

Clarke Robinson was established by Steve Robinson to provide a specialist pension advisory service based on a lifetime experience of explaining Pensions in Plain English.

Steve has worked in pensions since 1977 working with and advising people in business on their own arrangements and those of the people they employ.

Work is frequently commissioned by Solicitors and Accountants to sort out particular issues on behalf of their clients. This can vary from a simple meeting reviewing the options available to solve a problem all the way through to the complete restructuring of a scheme.

Two type of service are provided

One-off projects – Solve a problem

These can be a couple of hours work to review options or, for example in one case, the complete management of a scheme over a two year period when the Director was taken ill.

Ongoing support – Peace of mind

When you want to get on with your own life (and business) and leave the worrying and paperwork to someone else.

Whichever service you need, copies of all paperwork and recommendations are maintained on your own files as well so it is easy to bring yourself up to date. Investment advice is available when needed and is governed and conducted in accordance with the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

For an initial discussion or meeting to see if we can help please ring Steve Robinson on

01275 844 844

Primary experience since:

1977 Employee benefits (large employer schemes)

1978 Executive and Personal Pensions

1978 Contracting out

1979 Small Self Administered Schemes (SSAS)

1982 Pension transfer advice

1988 Independent Financial Adviser

1996 Income Drawdown (i.e. drawing pension directly from fund)

1998 Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP)

2000 Pensions and Divorce

2006 A-Day and Pension Simplification

2009 Special Annual Allowance Tax Changes

Steve Robinson

If you would like to try a different approach or want a brief chat to see how something may be resolved please call:

Steve Robinson

01275 844 844