Employees are always portrayed as the victims in pensions but this is no more true of pensions than any other aspect of employment. If you are able to determine your own position by virtue of an employer wanting to employ you then pensions are merely one aspect of employment over which you can have the same control.

The disadvantage an employee has is simply lack of knowledge. But the truth is that many employers also have the same lack of knowledge but of course they can’t admit this.

If you don’t understand then the answer is simply to keep on asking the questions until you do understand the explanation. Say “I am sorry I don’t understand your explanation, please could you say it again in a different way”. Don’t be pawned off or feel belittled because you don’t understand. In my 30 years in pensions I have found very very few people who couldn’t understand. The fault lies with the person doing the explaining, they are often not capable of expressing something complex in a way that an ordinary person can understand.

If you really do need professional help with an employed pension issue then book an appointment. As a special for employees – mention this page – there is no charge for the first 20 minutes and many issues can be resolved or identified in that time. After that I will charge no more than a dentist and won’t pull any of your teeth out.

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Steve Robinson