Pensions – Are you getting the best deal?

10 Tips on how to spot if you are not getting the best deal from your pension

1 You are dealing direct with the bank or insurance company This means no one is looking out for just your interest
2 Your pension is invested in the default fund of ‘Managed’ or ‘With-profits’ Check your last statement. Default is the ‘unplanned’ option
3 You started the pension before 2006 and have not had an independent review of the policy charges Older policies have older charges
4 You have not had a review of the investments in the last 18 months The investment market changes, your pension should keep pace
5 You don’t understand the paperwork How do you know it is the best
6 You have not been asked how much investment risk you want to take with your pension funds Higher risks can be taken in the longer term. Low risk often means low return
7 You haven’t increased the amount you are saving as your income has gone up
8 You are a company director paying into a personal pension You could be throwing away a 20% saving
9 You are keeping your income (or your partners) just below the NI threshold The biggest ‘money saving’ mistake you could make
10 You are going to take the pension offered by the insurance company without getting independent advice See the ‘Retiring now‘ page

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